Update: Dracula

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Update: Dracula

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This update caught me in the middle of some work that I did not finish yet...so this is both a GAME and WORLD update. You will need to replace your WORLD.EXE file, as well as add this new server setting at the end of your SETTINGS.XML file...

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// Increasing this decimal number will only increase the hit points of creatures that percentage, so setting this to 1.0 will double the hit points of creatures (adding an additional 100% on top of their normal hit points). Setting it to 0.8 will increase their hit points by 80%...etc...

Below is a list of main items addressed in this update:

- Fixed an issue with the capture nets where you can basically capture anything.
- Fixed an issue where merchant crafting books would sometimes not configure properly.
-- These are the books you would see in stores that had weapons and armor made of other resources.
- Fixed a potential bug with artifacts and spending points to modify them.
- Fixed a potential issue with the Cheetah Paws shinobi skill.
- Added a server setting to adjust hit points of creatures overall.
-- This should not affect summoned creatures, tamed pets, or regular citizens.
-- If you tame a creature with higher hit points (due to this setting) they will revert to their ordinary hit point levels when tamed.
- Modified the Vampiric Embrace spell so a human character's skin turns white and their hair turns black.
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