Wizardawn Maps

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Wizardawn Maps

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Boy...this has been a pain in my ass for a few years now (as some of you may remember too). Exporting maps to a single image has plagued me on and off. Yesterday I was working on my Talisman expansion site when I found a bit of coding someone posted...that allowed me to export cards to a letter sized sheet of paper for printing. I took this same code and applied it to the Wizardawn map export and it worked! Below are some maps I had a generator create...and then I exported them to a single image. They come out as PNG files for better clarity...but these I converted to JPG.

World of Zendynn

Dungeon Map

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Re: Wizardawn Maps

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This site is pretty cool. Would have loved it years ago. It makes a whole D&D dungeon for you.
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